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History. Part 2. Marie Foster Centre

By 2005 there had been a change in the make up of the patients. There were fewer long term residents and more patients for neurological rehabilitation, for example following a relapse in their MS. This meant that the establishment had become more of a treatment centre than a home, and the name was changed to “Marie Foster Centre”.

The service was still operated by the Barnet Primary Care Trust, providing much the same facilities as before. The Marie Foster Home League of Friends continued to raise funds to provide additional facilites and social activities for the patients, as described in part 1 of this history. The League did not change its name.

In 2006 the League raised over 10,000 to purchase overhead wall mounted hoists for the bedooms. Many of the patients need to be hoisted in and out of bed, and the free standing hoists used previously were cumbersome and occupied a lot of floor space. The league organised a 10km sponsored walk in Barnet and Hadley. Also one member (the nephew of a resident) ran in the London Marathon. Together these activities brought in the money needed for the hoists.

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